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Continued Limited Access to Public Safety Complex

Granby Public Safety Complex

Posted: 3/5/2021

From: Interim Fire Chief Robert Czerwinski

Re: Fire Station Business Visits

It has now been one year since we've experienced the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. Last spring, due to this outbreak, the Granby Public Safety Complex was closed to the public in order to limit our staff from potential exposures which could have impacted our responder's ability to respond to emergencies within our community.

The Granby Fire Department has been diligent in controlling access and in doing so, have truly minimized the chances of COVID exposures. Our staff coninues to practice social distancing, the use of masks, and proper hygiene in an effort to stop the spread of any potential exposure.

Even so, it has been decided that we shall continue to limit public access to the Public Safety Building in an effort to minimize our exposures for the time being. As the practice has been over the last 12 months, we ask that any resident or business person having inquiries or requiring permits to please call the fire station first in an effort to handle this business over the phone. We can be reached at 413-467-9696.

Thank you for your attention and consideration in this matter.

Granby Fire Department

To all Granby Residents and our Business Community,

In order to continue providing the best services to our community the Granby Fire-Rescue Department’s Administrative offices will be limiting our face-to-face interactions when possible. We are concerned with the health and well-being of our staff as well as the public we serve. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread our goal is to maintain a healthy workforce for the continuation of services without resorting to contingency plans.

Therefore, until further notice the Granby Fire-Rescue Department IS NOT taking walk-ins for burn permits or non-essential business permit inquiries that could be handled either electronically, through the mail, or over the phone.

Although we understand this is an inconvenience, as a first-responder agency it is in the best interest of the public that we neither contribute to nor increase our own chances of contracting the virus. Our highest priority has to be preserving and maintaining critical Fire and EMS services to our community through our staff who provide those services.

Also, to anyone who needs to call 9-1-1 for an emergency, please be prepared to answer additional questions from the operator to help the first responders understand the status of the situation so they can be well prepared in their response. Additional protective equipment may be required for our patients and those nearby if the situation warrants. Everyone’s cooperation is essential.

Please understand that (outside of emergency calls) precautions such as keeping a “safe distance”, not shaking hands, etc. are being followed in the interest of containment. Again, this is out of an abundance of caution to keep our staff and the public safe and not an indicator of the first responders’ friendliness or willingness to help

Rest assured that we are here for you, as you would expect. IF YOU NEED US CALL US. The only thing we are temporarily changing is the in-office interaction and the manner in which we provide our services -not the quality of the services we provide.

We thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

Robert Czerwinski
Interim Fire Chief 


Interim Fire Chief Robert Czerwinski
259-B East State Street, Granby, MA 01033

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